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David Adefeso Has A Message For His Followers – Fans Offer Their Gratitude

David Adefeso has a message for his followers and fans. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account below.

‘Introducing the @sootchyapp Sweepstakes “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”⁣ Over the past 3 decades, I’ve been blessed more than I ever could have imagined. Along the way, I learned a valuable lesson: It’s not what you do for your friends, family, and the other people that you care about that matters: It’s the love you show to strangers- those you’ve never met and likely will never meet; it’s the sacrifice you make for those you’ve never seen but whose stories touch your heart; it’s reaching back to pull that little boy or girl up, the one who got left behind,’ David began his post. ⁣

He continued and said that ‘A few years ago, the story of a young lady really touched my heart: She was around 23. She owed 125,000 in student debt that caused bad credit, so she couldn’t rent an apartment, get a credit card, or even save for a rainy day. And she is not alone. There are 46 million Americans with student debt, and an overwhelming percentage of them are minorities: Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans.⁣’ ⁣ David also wrote: ‘The literacy rate of our minorities lags significantly behind other ethnicities. As noted by the Library Journal, lower literacy rates translate into higher poverty rates, higher crime rates, higher cost of healthcare, and higher mortality rates. In short, sending our kids to jail instead of college is killing us faster than anything else!’

⁣ Check out his complete message in the caption above.

A follower said: ‘I can’t wait to see either. This man is really focused on helping people and changing lives🔥🔥. We need more like him.’

Someone else posted this message: ‘My brother from another mother happy independence day to our beloved country Nigeria. Please, when next you visit Atlanta, Georgia, will be looking forward to seeing you someday 🙌.’

A commenter wrote: ‘David, Welcome back!!! I’ve been following you. What you’re doing is helping a lot of people. Thank you! You’re going to be okay. Move on with your life and find you a beautiful mate. God bless you.’

One other fan said: ‘Wow, that’s beautiful of you. I ended up signing for a loan for my daughter; the college says once she graduates, the loan turns over to her; unfortunately, it doesn’t.’

In other news, as you probably know by now, things ended badly between David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton. She was even close to committing suicide about two months ago.