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CVS to Offer Men’s Makeup — Is This The New Trend? 

CVS, the largest drugstore chain nationwide, is adding men’s cosmetics line from Stryx to 2,000 of its stores.

The move aims to give more legitimacy and credibility to the growing trend for men’s makeup, a niche market already popular across high-end stores.

In a news release CVS said that men’s grooming has marked a significant growth during the coronavirus lockdown. The store chain also noted that adding Stryx to its product offering is part of a long-term corporate strategy to focus on guys.

According to a recent survey by the data intelligence firm Morning Consult, nearly one-third of U.S. men under 45 say they would consider trying makeup. Ben Parr, a co-founder of the marketing company Octane AI, is not surprised by the news. Parr opined that men, and especially the millennial generation, are a growth industry within the cosmetics market.

Although male makeup is still not that widespread in the United States, it is quite popular in Japan, Parr noted. In his view, makeup is the ”natural extension” of men improving their beauty regimens over the past twenty years. Furthermore, as our society is moving away from gender norms, it is set to gain even more popularity in the near future, Parr concluded.

A recent data from market analytics firm Moz confirmed Parr’s words. According to the Moz’s study, the online queries for ”male makeup ideas” have jumped to nearly 80% in April, compared to last year. Some of the most frequently searched terms also included ideas how to hide redness, acne or under-eye bags.

Stryx was founded in 2017 by Devir Kahan. The then 25-year-old entrepreneur, woke up on his wedding day with a pimple and struggled to find a quick fix.

He quickly realized that he discovered an underestimated and underdeveloped market – men looking for solutions to improve their skin condition, especially during a breakout.

For three years, Stryx raised USD 1 million from angel investors, including venture capitalist XRC Labs. Now, the CVS stores will offer its concealer tool ($19.99) and a tinted moisturizer ($24.99).

Kahan highlighted that his aim is not to produce a full face makeup. His company focused on products that improve general skin conditions such as blemishes, under-eye bags, a zit, etc.

Although the products Stryx offers are traditionally made for women, its presentation is male. It comes in black, grey, and dark blue packaging. The concealer tool could be easily mistaken for a black pen. Kahan noted that Stryx’s makeup is tailor-made and formulated for male skin.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the statement that male makeup will gain even more popularity in the US in the near future?