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Build A Thriving Grocery Store From The Ground Up In Supermarket Manager

Live Motion Games and PlayWay S.A. have announced their new project, Supermarket Manager. Instead of simply managing a store, players will step up and create the ultimate grocery store shopping experience for customers.

Supermarket Manager begins with players purchasing an old market. The market has long been abandoned and has to be cleaned up. New owners can repair some of the old appliances or purchase brand new ones if their budget allows it. It’s important to repair as much as possible to save money for stocking the store in the future.

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After that, players will set up the checkout isles with cash registers and other essential items. Stocking the store will likely take up most of the player’s time. Each product has a minimum order quantity and price, so players have to come up with a good price to entice customers but also make a profit. However, if owners buy too many items, they may go back before customers have a chance to buy them.

A store this size can’t be run alone. Players will have to manage hiring employees to help keep the store running. Those who do well can learn new skills or even develop hidden talents that will give owners an edge over the competition.

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Unfortunately, not every employee will be a good match for the business. Players will have to manage their employees well, and sometimes this includes letting them go.

After the store is welcoming a regular stream of customers, players can invest in upgrades or seasonal decorations. Decorating the store will help customers feel more welcome. However, players should make sure not to spend all of their profits on unnecessary equipment or items and save for a rainy day.

The game contains a helpful menu to manage finances. This includes controlling revenues and expenses, along with charts to help visualize the numbers. Supermarket Manager will make players feel like they’re running a real store, but without worrying about the real-life financial risks.

Supermarket Manager offers hours of gameplay. Players will have to continue maintaining the store, buying, cleaning, and restocking appliances, and more. If players decide to make a major renovation, they can even temporarily close down the store, but there will be some financial consequences involved.

Unfortunately, the game has no set release date or window. The Steam store page only states that those who wishlist the game will receive a discount upon launch.

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Supermarket Manager doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet but will launch on PC via Steam.