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Blizzard Offers To Get A Tattoo For Access To The Diablo IV Beta Test

The Diablo franchise from Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. In case you missed it, Diablo Immortal recently generated a lot of buzzes when it was revealed that upgrading characters entirely with in-game progression locked behind a paywall could cost players £88,000.

You would then question whether anyone would actually want to have the franchise tattooed on their body, yet that is exactly what Diablo fans are agreeing to.

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From July 16 through September 10, the “Devil Tour” will visit a number of cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney. In addition, each city will only have one day designated for promotion engagement.

Fans who wish to obtain a tattoo in the style of Diablo 4—either temporary or permanent—and receive a good bonus could enter the drawing on social media or try their luck in person by waiting in line at a certain tattoo establishment.

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“Diablo fans around the world have turned to tattoos to express not only their devotion for the brand but also the tales of family, colleagues, and moments they’ve made playing Diablo games,” Blizzard Entertainment stated.

This year is Diablo’s 25th anniversary. Therefore we’re starting the Diablo Hell’s Ink tattoo shop takeover tour to honor our community.

For a select group of the biggest Diablo fans worldwide, they continued, “Each Diablo Hell’s Ink takeover event will showcase some of the world’s best tattoo artists producing custom tattoos, motivated by the Diablo galaxy. With their own distinctive art style.” Fans must be at least 18 years old to attend the event, of course.

In 2023, Diablo IV will be made available for PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PCS series X and S. They claim five character classes, a fully open environment, and more than 150 dungeons, and cross-play and progress transfer between all platforms. The participating city code and the hashtag #DiabloHellsInk must also be included in the message.