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Bella Hadid counted a vintage dress from Roberto Cavalli in her wardrobe

Recently, Bella Hadid has become a real connoisseur of vintage, and her extensive collection contains many of the collections of past years, ranging from the rare Jean Paul Gaultier to the Chanel of the 80s.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the model chose another piece from the fashion past for the last June weekend. The perfect occasion to ” walk ” the outfit was an event hosted by the soft drink company Kin Euphorics.

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The star opted for a satin dress by Roberto, Cavalli’s perfect juicy crimson hue, complemented by a delicate corset bodice and kerchief hem.

Agree that we have already seen this style at the beginning of the 2000s. Of course, Bella added a touch of modernity to the look – she combined the black and white rose print from Cavalli with Loewe heels, already beloved by fashionistas.

And this isn’t the first time Hadid has stepped out in a vintage Cavalli gown, which has been enjoying a renaissance lately with its 2000s-inspired prints and fitted silhouettes.

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In 2019, the model chose a red cutout dress from the brand’s spring/summer 2005 collection exclusively for the Cannes Film Festival, and last year she appeared in a vintage Cavalli dress at the wedding of her best friend, Lauren Perez.

Hadid wore Roberto Cavalli’s warm pink dress with a corset bra and handkerchief hem at the ceremony. He combined Cavalli’s rose print motif with Loewe’s cult rose heels from the spring/summer of 2022.

The model later appeared wearing a pink dress from the Comme des Garçons spring/summer 1997 collection, this time purchased from Aralda Vintage.


So if you’re in need of vintage inspiration this summer, be sure to check out Bella, who is confidently conquering the fashion Olympus.