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Ashley Graham Covered Up Her Curves With A White Cushion

In a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Ashley Graham tempted her followers while concealing her stunning figure with nothing but a pillow. The model captioned the image, which also included a close-up shot of her stomach folds, “Made in the image of God.”

The mother of three can be seen in the brief video lying on her stomach amid a sea of white sheets before jokingly flicking her ponytail.

The 34-year-old also shared a picture of a Renaissance painting with the words “view yourself with the eyes of God” written at the bottom, showing a naked woman.

Graham’s 18.9 million fans immediately praised the model for brazenly flaunting her postpartum physique. “We are appreciative of your showing us how to respect our postpartum bodies. Or just our body in general,” said one of the followers.

“Both breaking generational sins and bringing about generational gifts. Although the world can be harsh and judgmental, I hope my babies understand that it’s good to love and respect their own bodies, one supporter added.

An additional supporter merely referred to the Sports Illustrated model as the “most beautiful woman ever.” Just seven months after giving birth to her identical twin kids, Roman and Malachi, the model has never been afraid to flaunt her evolving figure.

The body-positive activist displayed her stretch marks freely and showcased her curves in a vibrant corset back in June. For making it through her challenging pregnancy, she also praised her growing tummy and the stretchmarks that followed.

On Instagram, she posted a mirror selfie without a top and wrote, “Hello, new tummy.” a lot has happened to us. Thank you, three months after giving birth. The model disclosed that she “blacked out” and experienced a “severe” hemorrhage shortly after giving birth to her second child.

The boys were “OK,” according to her, but Graham “really can not walk for a week” and “lay in bed for four straight days.”