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Ark II Announced Featuring Vin Diesel

Did anyone expect Vin Diesel at The Game Awards 2020? Sure. But in a video game? Probably not. Well, surprise time, the actor is coming to Ark II. The sequel to Ark is coming, and Vin Diesel is all about it.

In a trailer, we see Diesel go off on some really nasty brutes wearing bone armor and tribal gear in the middle of a jungle setting. But then, all hell breaks loose as a freaking dinosaur shows up. Yeah. In the middle of the fight, and both sides are sent running as the giant dino appears and starts eating people. Then Diesel is fighting again, chopping up the enemy warriors with an axe, jumping around, and basically truing to keep his childlike companion safe from the many, many dangers around. The dinosaur gets really pissed off and starts eating everything that isn’t running fast, but our hero Vin Diesel manages to get away and enter a strange prehistoric temple.

In addition to the bombshell reveal that Vin Diesel is coming to Ark II, Ark is also getting an animated series with a ton of talent lined up. Big names include Vin Diesel, Madeleine Madden, Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Wright, David Tennant, Zahn Mcclarnon, Devery Jacobs, Ragga Ragnars, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Malcom McDowell, Deborah Mailman, and Russell Crowe. Whew! Ark is going big!