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Alexis Bledel And Vincent Kartheiser Are Getting Divorced

A representative for the “Mad Men” star revealed to Page Six that Kartheiser had filed for separation after eight years of marriage.

According to paperwork acquired by Us Weekly, on August 10 in New York’s Putnam County Supreme Court, Kartheiser, 43, filed for separation from “Gilmore Girls” star, 40. After meeting on the production of his AMC series, Bledel secretly married her future ex in June 2014. However, they didn’t start dating until the shoot was complete.

While shooting “Jenny’s Wedding” in 2015, which also starred Katherine Heigl, the actress made plans for her wedding. In the film, she portrayed a lesbian who was getting ready to wed into a traditional family.

At the time, Bledel explained the process to Nylon, saying, “It was a little odd to kind of walk through the shots of the ceremony itself and thought about how much these people have to endure in order to get to that moment.

Furthermore, planning my wedding, celebrating, and getting everyone to be joyful for me was quite simple for me. The highly secretive couple announced their engagement to Us Weekly in March 2013. Kartheiser described himself as “a lucky man” at the time.

They secretly welcomed a son in the fall of 2015 and kept the birth of their child a secret until Bledel’s former “Gilmore Girls” co-star Scott Patterson unintentionally told Glamour the following spring that the pair had a child. The secretive parents haven’t yet made their six-year-name old’s public.

Our request for a response was not immediately answered by Bledel’s representatives.

In a previous post, Earlier past summer in California, “Mad Men” actor Vincent Kartheiser, 35, and Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel, 32, secretly wed.

The couple’s low-key wedding should not have come as a surprise because they had kept their love so private throughout. Kartheiser and Bledel met while filming “Mad Men,” where they portrayed lovers, but they didn’t start dating until after the show had wrapped up.