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A Fan-Made Sequel To Half-Life: Opposing Force Called Half-Life: Through The City Was Released With A Demo

The anticipated fan-built follow-up to Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Through The City features a demo that was made available by modder Kajlo.

The first chapter of the mod Half-Life: Through The City, which adds 20–40 minutes of gameplay to Half-Life 2: Episode Two, is included in this sample.

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In line with the mod’s description: Adrian Shepard is awakened by the G-Man and sent to City 17 in the early stages of the Rebellion 20 years after the Black Mesa disaster.

Shepard will come across a bunch of rebels who will aid him in his goal along the way, and he’ll even get to visit the last member of Race X still alive on Earth.

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Most intriguingly, the modding crew behind Through the City has also been able to assemble a legit cast of Half-Life actors. The mod will feature two voice actors that have previously appeared in the Half-Life world.

For the mod, Harry S. Robins, who has portrayed Isaac Kleiner in each of the canonical Half-Life games to date, will also appear, as will Lani Minella, who previously played Colette Green in Half-Life: Decay.

This is undoubtedly the closest thing to an Opposing Force sequel we’re going to get, and it all seems to have been done very professionally. Well, besides the already released sequel to Opposing Force.

Dedicated Half-Life players may recall Prospekt, a Half-life 2 add-on that is available on Steam, and in which Shephard is sent to Nova Prospekt to aid Gordon in escaping the Combine’s maximum security prison.

Prospekt received official Valve approval to use the Half-Life 2 license and debut as a commercial game, making it as official as an Opposing Force sequel can get without being created by Gearbox. This approval also applied to Black Mesa.