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A Diablo 2 Player Successfully Completes The Pacifist Hell Run, Which Was Before Only Thought To Be Theoretically Conceivable

MacroBioBoi eventually finished the “world’s very first entirely untwinked solo self-found Hellish pacifist Sorceress run” in Diablo 2: Resurrected after more than 50 hours of gameplay.

Macro defeated Diablo 2 in ways more recognizable to those who aren’t speedrunners: Resurrected using only things they obtained along the run, on the toughest level, and without harming anything.

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In Diablo 2, giving a character things through the trading system is known as “twinking.” Although Diablo 2 speedrunners had developed theoretic methods to complete the run, Macro was the first to carry it out in practice.

According to what they told PC Gamer, “the only individuals who ever completed the run past Normal had twinked a character with altered gear to determine whether it was feasible.”

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A comprehensive set of guidelines that specify what a pacifist run is have been developed by the Diablo 2 speedrunning community. Of course, you can’t assault, but there are other restrictions as well. Also prohibited are using traps, destructive auras, and forcing other things to attack.

In addition, the majority of the damage you inflict must directly result from a creature deciding to attack you. To do that, Macro gave its Sorceress a lot of “chance to cast” items and skills, which occasionally cause a spell to be cast when the player suffers damage.

By the time it was all said and done, they possessed a set of armor that made them cast the potent area-of-effect Nova spell whenever an adversary hit them.

Additionally, they invested a lot of points in Cold Armor, a passive talent that boosts defense and deals cold damage to opponents that hit the Sorceress, who doesn’t have a lot of hit points.

For this Hell-level run, Macro, who currently holds the Pacifist Paladin speedrun record in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction on Normal at two h 25m 45, believed switching to Resurrected may make things easier. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how things turned out.