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Why Did Tekashi 6ix9ine Vanish From Social Media?

It looks like Tekashi 6ix9ine simply vanished from social media, and it’s quite strange not to get an update from the rainbow rapper, especially since we all know how much he likes the attention. The last news we had from the rapper was over a week ago, when he took to the streets and handed out copies of his album ‘Tattle Tales.’

So what’s up with the trolling rapper? Why hasn’t he made any other appearances? We’ll try to answer some of these questions, taking into account the latest events.

Last time Tekashi was spotted out and about was in upstate New York, where he was checking out an estate. The jokes soon surrounded the rapper, with people saying he is finally settling down in the suburbs and he’s ready to lead a quiet life.

What’s really happening to the rapper? He’s delivered the album at the beginning of the month and after all the hard work, maybe he is taking a much-needed break.

However, it looks like he took a break from social media as well. He hasn’t added anything new on his Instagram, on his Instagram stories or commented on his girlfriend’s Jade posts. It seems like Tekashi has vanished!

But let’s take a look back at how he liked to troll everyone about his location. Maybe he is taking a break and spending time with his kid, in privacy.

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My mom still thinks im a winner

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There’s also the possibility he’s upset about his ‘Tattle Tales’ album not selling as well as he expected. Still, while his album may not be #1, it is at No. 4, having around 53,000 equivalent album units earned.

The rapper is still in the Top 10, ‘Tattle Tales’ being the third album that has made it in the top. In the end, nobody really knows what’s happening to the rapper right now, but we hope he is doing fine. We’re sure he’ll bounce back and surprise the fans once again.