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What Time Does FIFA 21 Release In Early Access? Time, Date And When You Can Start Playing

FIFA 21 is out this week. If you’ve pre-ordered the Ultimate or Champions edition you will be able to play the game from 12.00am BST on October 6th, which is at the end of today. For those who have the standard edition or are still yet to purchase the game, you will have to wait until October 9th to get your hands on the game.

This follows the 10-hour early access trial that has been available for the past week. If you have already pre-ordered the game you can pre-download FIFA and have it ready to go when the game releases on the respective console or PC game stores. This includes the Microsoft Store, PS Store, and Origin.

Many will have already completed the 10-hour trial of FIFA 21 over the weekend, with Squad Battles rewards already going out to the first players. This means a part of the player base will already have started grinding out their teams as the FUT market looks to get wild when the game fully releases at midnight today.

So far, FIFA 21 has received mixed reviews. Some are quite positive about the FUT experience so far – as this is the most played part of the game, it’s best to focus on that for now – whereas others are already comparing it to last year’s FIFA 20 shambles. Usually, I’d recommend waiting a few weeks to see whether EA releases a game patch, as they usually do after release.

The problem with waiting a few weeks to get your hands on the game is that many FUT players will have already built impressive squads – this can make it very tricky to get started in the game or have any fun when you start your Rivals matches.

Of course, there are always ways to get ahead – packs are back in FIFA and will likely be bigger than ever. Due to the late release of the game compared to last year, the huge Black Friday sale is much closer to the launch date. Expect a lot of limited-time packs.

Overall, FIFA 21 is out at 12.00am BST October 6th, that’s today (or tomorrow, depending on how you look at it) for everyone who owns the Ultimate or Champions edition of the game. You can still pre-order the game if you want to get your hands on the game a little bit earlier than everyone else.