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Wendy Williams Confirms Passing Of Mother But Says It Happened Many Weeks Ago

News broke Sunday that Wendy Williams‘ mother was believed to have passed away. She took to her Monday morning broadcast to confirm the news.

Wendy told her studio audience and viewers at home that her mother actually passed many weeks ago. She said that she did not suffer and was surrounded by love when it happened.

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The talk show host reminisced on what her relationship with her mother was like and compared it to two teenage girls. She said that she will not break down in front of the cameras but she does cry about it home.

Her teary-eyed staffed watched as she explained why she has to continue to be strong for her son, nieces, and nephews.

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As far as Wendy’s father — she says that he is doing good.

The asked that people only send flowers if they are the ones that last a year and also spoke about how she hears her mother’s voice and she’s with her in spirit wherever she goes.

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This comes after social media posts circulated that Shirley Williams passed away over the weekend.

Many fans took to her show’s Instagram page to send her messages of support.

‘So sorry to hear about the passing of your mom Mrs.Shirley she seemed like such a beautiful and lovely person . You and your family are all in our prayers,’ wrote one person.

‘Wendy please don’t spiral because of this. We are all rooting for you to make it out of this trial,’ pleaded another.

This person wrote: ‘I am total shock:( thinking of you and your family Wendy! I am so sorry for your loss. You mom was a beautiful soul. Sending love and peace your way.’

Fans know how much Williams loves her parents because of the times they’ve been in the studio audience and the stories she tells about them.

Hopefully, Wendy is able to stay strong in this tragic time.