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Vin Diesel Drops Brand New Song On Norwegian DJ’s Record Label – It Premiered On The Kelly Clarkson Show

USA Today reported on the most recent episode of Kelly Clarkson’s show today in which she promoted a new single from Vin Diesel which was produced on DJ Kygo’s record label, Palm Tree records. The song was released on Spotify and Apple Music and it was previewed on her show.

As most know, Vin Diesel has been trying to get a music career off the ground for the last few years, including when he released the song, “See You Again,” which was his tribute to Paul Walker.

When speaking with reporters from USA Today via email, Diesel claimed he has always leaned toward more “emotional songs” over his career, and everyone who knows him knows that he loves music. It was initially something that he did only for his family.

You can check out Kelly Clarkson’s preview of the song below:

According to Vin Diesel, he remembers when he first showed his dad the song and he loved it. He thought it should be the first song off his new project. Diesel described the music business as a new world to him, and he’s just grateful to be making music.

The next Fast and the Furious movie, Fast and Furious 9, is coming out in April 2021, and it’s possible the movie will feature some of Vin Diesel’s songs. Vin joked that “Fast: The Musical” would be a great idea. “Sign me up,” he said.

While fans of Vin Diesel have loved his new song, the reactions have been mixed, mostly due to the actor’s reputation on social media. Over the last few years, YouTubers have created compilation videos in which they’ve shared some of the more interesting moments of Vin Diesel’s career.

For instance, one video called “Vin Diesel: King of Cringe,” from Drew Gooden has 5.3 million views and it explores an interview in which Vin Diesel repeatedly complimented a Brazilian woman, which some found offensive. Users wrote in the comments that it was so obvious that she felt “uncomfortable.”

The interview garnered a bit of backlash on Vin’s end, but there was no effect on the actor’s career.