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Tyler Cameron Teaches Olivia Culpo ‘a Few Things’ About Skincare

Obsessed! Tyler Cameron is the beauty vlogger we didn’t know we needed and for his latest masterclass, he spoke with Olivia Culpo about skincare.

“I was surprised to learn Tyler knew so much about skincare! He ended up teaching me a few things,” the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, 28, exclusively tells Us. “I have always found that the men in my life secretly want to know about skincare so now maybe they can be more open about.”

The Beauty Talks video, which dropped on Wednesday, September 30, features the Bachelorette alum, 27, talking the former pageant queen through the Clarins Double Serum, from formula to application. As informative as the whole thing is, it’s also quite fun.

“She was super fun, super bubbly,” Cameron exclusively tells Us. “She made this really easy and she was a dream to work with!”

Then again, Cameron admitted at the start of the clip that he used to have a big crush on the brunette beauty. “She has the brightest, most energetic smile,” he says to Us. “It radiates energy!”

The Inside Scoop on the Tyler Cameron x Olivia Culpo Beauty Talks Masterclass

But as playful as their banter is, the duo also admits that they take their skincare routine very seriously. Just like the rest of Us, they want a smooth, beautiful complexion. “When my skin looks good, I don’t feel like I need a lot of makeup and am able to show my skin with confidence,” Culpo says.

Meanwhile, Cameron has a little bit different of an outlook. “Taking care of your skin shows that you care about yourself and I need to take care of myself and have great skin to impress the ladies!”

You can watch the hilarious 12-minute video above in its entirety. You’ll definitely have a chuckle, but who knows, you may also learn a thing or two from the up-and-coming expert.

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