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Trippie Redd’s New Record Is Reportedly Disliked By Fans – Projected To Sell Fewer Units Than Originally Reported

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that despite some fans loving Trippie Redd‘s new record, there are many who aren’t happy with it. The outlet claims Pegasus has only been out for a few days, and the sales numbers are already dropping precipitously.

Thus far, the critical reception to Pegasus hasn’t been good, including from YouTube’s biggest music critic, Anthony Fantano, who gave it a 1/10. Reportedly, Trippie Redd isn’t upset about it, however, because he has continued to put out music videos and other promotional material, including social media posts.

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Hot New Hip Hop claims the rapper’s record was supposed to move around 70,000 units in its first week, but those projections have since dropped. Even though the critical reception hasn’t been that great and the record is now projected to sell less, it’s still on track to hit the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Hot New Hip Hop says the record will be behind Ariana Grande‘s latest album, positions. Moreover, HHNH states that many people are scared of Trippie Redd’s record because of how long it is.

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As for how many units it’s supposed to sell, reports claim it should move around 64,000 in its first week, around 6,000 less than what was originally expected. While the number isn’t far from what he and the rest of his team had hoped for, social media users have suggested it still may be bad news for Trippie and his camp.

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Reportedly, Trippie Redd’s debut record, Life’s A Trip, sold 72,000 units in its first week, and his follow-up sold around 51,000 units. His latest effort didn’t perform as well as his first, but it did beat his second.

If Hot New Hip Hop’s comment section is any indication of how the record is faring among its critics, the reaction thus far has been negative. In case you missed it, social media users put Trippie Redd on blast for the cover-art in which the young rapper was without clothes and in space.

One user on Hot New Hip Hop said that the album probably did poorly because he appeared as a “fairy” on the cover.