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Trey Songz In Hot Water For Throwing 500-People Super Spreader Party After He Recovers From COVID-19!

Trey Songz was happy to be COVID-free and he decided to celebrate being healthy again by organizing a super spreader party? That’s definitely how it looks like, putting it simply!

That’s right! As you may have heard, the artist threw a 500-person indoor event at a nightclub and now, he is in hot water!

According to New York Post undercover agents, the 500 people filled the 15,000-square foot space in order to watch Trey Songz perform and, it sounds like most of them were not even wearing masks!

Obviously, there was no social distancing involved either and the club itself, did not install any barriers to force the recommended distance between people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What made this news even more shocking and disappointing to the fans was the fact that Trey himself tested positive for the dangerous virus back in October.

Not only that but, his grandfather, who also supposedly had it, unfortunately lost the fight!

Naturally, in such a situation, you’d expect someone to avoid spreading it to others as well in such a way, but not Trey, which is why many took to their platforms to drag him for it.

Here are some tweets on the matter: ‘@TreySongz tryna be a two time Covid winner.’ / ‘People chancing Covid FOR TREY SONGZ?!?! Hate to see it.’ / ‘Yall are spreading covid-19 like an STD…..for trey songz???’ / ‘I don’t understand Trey Songz. Why is he giving a #COVID concert [clown emoji]’ / ‘Our people knowing we are the most vulnerable, and yet packing a venue maskless for TREY SONGZ? I AM SO TIRED OF Y’ALL NOT TAKING COVID-19 SERIOUSLY.’

This comes after in October, Trey took to his platform to tell his followers about testing positive via a video.

Among other things, he stressed that ‘I will be taking it seriously, I’ll be self-quarantining. I’ll be in my house until I see a negative sign.’

He also said his grandfather had passed away earlier in the year of, what he ‘believes’ to be COVID-19, which is why he stressed he was taking it seriously and urging people to do the same. What happened then?

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