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Travis Scott Dresses Up As A Brown Batman For Halloween

Travis Scott, like many other celebrities and performing artists, didn’t let the coronavirus pandemic slow him down this holiday season. Halloween was last night, and stars such as Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Wiz Khalifa, and more, showed off their costumes on social media.

Travis Scott was just one of them. The rapper showed off his brown Batman costume on the ‘Gram and Hot New Hip Hop says the rapper’s fans were thrilled. Additionally, Scott wore a Bruce Wayne outfit as well.

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Travis wrote on his Instagram account, “darkest of the night,” before comparing his own business empire to that of Wayne Enterprise, the fictional business owned by the Wayne family in the classic comic book and the follow-up movies.

While Scott probably doesn’t have as much money as the billionaire, Bruce Wayne, there’s no question that the performing artist has managed to score additional funds for himself over the last year, including his partnership with McDonald’s, Jordan Brand, and Sony.

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As it was previously reported, Scott came out earlier this year to show off a brand new hamburger that he and the food-makers had created. It was released for a limited time only, and it came with a bundle of expensive merchandise, including a Chicken McNugget pillow that went for $90.

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Page Six says it sold out very fast, and third-party retailers began selling it for $450 on external websites. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the burger was so popular that it led to a shortage of supplies in select locations.

While fans were undoubtedly pleased with the collaboration between McDonald’s and Travis Scott, some people weren’t, including Alexis Skyy who took to her Instagram to say that she had to “throw up” after eating the hamburger.

The Love and Hip Hop alum shared an IG post in which she showed off a picture of her receipt along with a caption that read that she had to puke after eating it. Additionally, NLE Choppa, Scott’s fellow rapper, came out to encourage fans to “put down” their hamburgers and opt for a plant-based diet instead.