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Traci Braxton Surprises Fans With A Movie She Worked On At The Beginning Of This Year

Traci Braxton revealed to her fans and followers a movie that she worked on at the beginning of this year. Check out the clip below.

‘#facts💯 this film was made in the DMV area during #covid_19 we were blessed to work with DC restaurant @thecoupedc (shown in this clip) who unfortunately had to temporarily close during the #pandemic it goes to show with @octetproductions it’s about so much more…our community means we Serve!’ Traci began her post.

She wrote: ‘#Repost @bet with @get_repost What would you do if your family won BIG for the holidays 👀 ? Find out how this family’s big win brings them together in #TheChristmasLottery SAT DEC 12 8/7c!’

Someone posted this message: ‘🗣Yo Traci I’m very proud of you, you do your thang… You have a manager and team who see what we see and believe in you, AND KEEPING YOU BOOKED👏🏿#shebooked.’

A commenter said: ‘I would have loved to have been an extra in this movie. I live in Annapolis and would have done it for free. Looking forward to seeing it!’

Someone else posted this: ‘It was such a pleasure meeting you!! I can’t wait for everyone to see how amazing this film is!!!’

A follower said: ‘Super Excited for you!! Keep winning!!✊🏾’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Can’t wait to tune in Traci!!! Lemme record this now!!!’

Someone else posted this: ‘Can’t wait until they see this one & catch you!’

A follower said: ‘Thank you for the shout out @therealtracibraxton, it was such a blessing working with you on set and hanging out backstage and for letting me have my Whitney-in-a-wig moment at the dressing room, haha, you are definitely beautiful inside and out, a soulful spirit and tremendously talented!🙏🏻💖’

Not too long ago, we were revealing that Traci Braxton‘s Twitter account looked horrible!

The latest posts that popped up were showing a hateful person throwing massive shade at Tamar Braxton.

A lot of people believe that Traci cannot possible do this and her Twitter account has been actually hacked.

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