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Towanda Braxton Comments On David Odefeso’s Recent Actions

David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton‘s whirlwind romance came to a seemingly abrupt end recently when they got into a fight on the highway. Towanda Braxton is now chiming in on how she feels David should have handled the situation.

Towanda is giving Adefeso the benefit of the doubt by saying that he may not have known how to handle an incident like this while dating someone in the spotlight but also feels that he shouldn’t have taken it to social media.

During an Instagram Live with N’Style Atlanta, Braxton explained: ‘It’s an unfortunate situation that escalated to something it shouldn’t have escalated to. I think that sometimes when you’re dating a person or when you’re seeing a person who’s not accustomed to certain things, they don’t know how to act or react. I would have never advised for him to go live, I would have tried to tell him to explore other options or avenues to try to handle the situation. But that was not the platform to do so. That’s my personal opinion.’

This comes after Tamar’s now ex-boyfriend took to Youtube Live where he explained his version of events.

Adefeso claims that he is the victim of domestic violence. According to David, he and Tamar got into an argument and she ended up punching him in the jugular and nearly rendering him unconscious.

However, Tamar’s camp claims that he was actually the aggressor.

Recent reports also said that Tamar’s family has been suspicious of David’s motives and feel that there has been a change with Tamar ever since she started dating he man they allegedly described as controlling.

This all started after Braxton’s suicide attempt.

Those close to Tamar were baffled as to why David would mention the show in his emergency call to authorities.

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