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Tory Lanez Makes Situation With Meg Thee Stallion Even Worse By Commercializing It And Denying That He Shot Her

Tory Lanez has been silent up until now. When he announced that he would be speaking on the situation in which he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion, fans thought that he would tell his side of the story — instead he denied it.

In addition to claiming he did not shoot the rapper, he didn’t name who did. Leaving anyone with common sense to believe that he is lying.

Instead of clearing his name he only made the situation worse by commercializing it into an album full of everything but who shot the unarmed woman in her foot.

On the songs of the body of work that he dropped, he went at his critics who condemned him for shooting a woman such as Asian Doll, Dream Doll, Kehlani, Jojo, and JR Smith.

He also spoke about his relationship with Megan and revealed their secret romance. Lanez also spoke about having a crush on Kylie Jenner.

The album left people with more questions than answers and resulted in him getting dragged yet again.

‘So you’re telling me if I make music that sounds good and diss ppl who are minding their business, I can basically get away with shooting a female,’ one social media commentator wrote in The Shade Room.

One person analyzed his lyrics: ‘So basically, Tori and Meg was f*ckn but he was in a pool flirting with Kylie. Meg popped off and she got out the car because they were arguing, she walked away and they were both drunk Tory probably shot at the ground cuz he knew he couldn’t hang wit Meg, and felt bigger than what he is with a gun and the bullet fragments went into her feet. Technically I guess that still means he shot her which is why he apologized… he saying her team blowing it up but & he want her back but that ain’t happening…everything else…hell I’m still trippin on how he was so attracted to Kylie and loved the fact that she looked like a baby in a manger. On another note… There’s a weird obsession with adults liking kids. I don’t like det 🤔 Goodnight.’

Another simply declared: ‘Tory will stay cancelled. Until it’s proven that he didn’t shoot a woman.’

Until Lanez proves that he wasn’t the culprit, he will continue to be seen as the villain in this story.