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Tory Lanez Allegedly Told Megan Thee Stallion To ‘Dance’ Before Firing The Gun Off At Her

This week, Complex is uncovering more details surrounding the Tory Lanez-Megan Thee Stallion controversy in which the former had been accused of firing shots at his fellow rapper’s feet. The story got even more salacious after the outlet claimed that Tory said to Megan, “Dance, b*tch,” before he began firing shots off.

Another insider who spoke with Page Six claims the story from Complex is true. Furthermore, Page Six reported this week that the 28-year-old rapper’s team offered Megan and Kelsey Nicole, her friend, money in exchange for not speaking about what happened.

While Megan was on her way into the surgery room, the source remarked, “this maniac is texting her,” saying that he’ll pay to keep her quiet. Kelsey Nicole began receiving the calls too, the source explained. In response to the allegations, Tory and his team claimed the story was not only false but “insane.”

As most know, details surrounding Tory and Megan’s fiasco continue to be unearthed following Tory’s new album drop which took everyone by surprise. Tory released Daystar, which fans praised as sounding great sonically but being too focused on Megan Thee Stallion.

On the track, “Money Over Fallouts,” Tory asked how she could take a bullet in the foot without hitting bones or tendons. Tory also appeared to confirm the rumors that Megan became enraged when he and Kylie were fooling around in the pool.

This Friday, Megan’s team dropped a statement in which they accused Lanez of trying to launch a “smear campaign” against her. Alex Spiro, Megan’s lawyer, released a statement to Page Six on Friday in which they said they had become aware of a “manipulated text messages” and other faux-evidence spread to gossip websites as a way of changing the narrative.

At this point, the details surrounding the dispute have mostly gone unproven, due to the fact the police haven’t released any official information on the matter.

It was reported that the Los Angeles prosecutors were looking into pressing charges against Tory but nothing has come to fruition since.