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Too Relatable! Watch Katy Perry Flash Her Nude Spanx

Too Relatable! Watch Katy Perry Flash Her Nude Spanx

LOL! Katy Perry may be one of the most glamorous A-listers around, but she ties together her look just like the rest of Us — with the help of nude Spanx.

On Sunday, December 6, the 36-year-old entertainer posted a TikTok video showing off her crazy cool ensemble. Rocking a blue latex trench coat, the “Firework” singer struts her stuff with her hands in her pockets as key words like “power,” “attitude,” “style” and “sex” pop up on the sides. At the end of the clip, she lifts the skirt of coat to reveal her nude Spanx. Quickly, the camera cuts to the ripped off tag on the ground.

The whole thing is just too funny and her fans agree, commenting with a series of crying laughing emojis and raised hands. From her stylist Kara Welch to makeup artist Michael Anthony.

We love a relatable celebrity moment, especially when it comes to fashion. When they just look incredible and put together all the time it’s easy to assume they never have any of the same experiences we do. But that’s not true!

Just last week, Drew Barrymore shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting dressed for The Drew Barrymore Show. She looked adorable and chic in her pleated skirt and necktie blouse, but what she really wanted to show off was her waistline hack.

“So we’re in the wardrobe closet,” she says at the start of the video posted on Thursday, December 3. “And you know how normally we do these cute pictures and we’re like ‘oh my God, look at this amazing outfit.’ Well, here, let me keep it real with you.”

At this point, she turns around to showcase the extender that they added to her skirt. “That happened. I guess I’ve been eating my stress a little bit lately. And I have to have like a brasserie thing put in there.”

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