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Tommy Lister Wanted To Be ‘First In Line’ For COVID-19 Vaccine Before His Death

It was big news in Hollywood and in the entertainment industry this month when it was revealed that Tommy Lister, The Fifth Element alum, had passed away a few months after initially battling against the coronavirus.

According to Page Six, his manager, Cindy Cowan, explained how Tommy wanted to be first in line for the vaccine which the government currently plans to release at the very start of 2021. Furthermore, Tommy also made the comment about the vaccine himself in an interview leading up to his passing.

Tommy Lister Reportedly Fought Off COVID-19 Months Before He Suddenly Died »

As it was previously reported, Lister was found dead in his apartment on Thursday afternoon just a few months after initially beating COVID-19. Tommy lived in Marina Del Ray.

Reportedly, a new clip of Lister’s interview with Brandon Jay features him explaining just how hopeful and optimistic he was about the future of Hollywood post-vaccine.

“Hollywood gonna crank all the way back up in January,” Lister said on the show, adding how we were going to get the vaccine soon and it would take just a few months. Lister said he was for sure “taking it.”

As most know, the vaccine has been controversial on a number of fronts, both skeptically and optimistically. Some believe the vaccine is risky to take due to the ostensibly rushed nature of it, while others believe anyone who is at risk should take it immediately.

While on Jay’s podcast, Lister explained how he thought the debate was over because three former presidents were all going to take it, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

When asked about what he planned on doing for the Christmas holidays, Lister said he was going to hang out with his daughter. Reportedly, Lister started to feel under the weather right around the same time as the interview was conducted.

The part of Tommy’s death which has proven to be even more controversial is the fact he had fought against COVID-19 approximately four months before he died. Social media users and media journalists have wondered if Tommy contracted it again.