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The Outfit Rande Gerber Likes to See Wife Cindy Crawford Wear

The Outfit Rande Gerber Likes See Wife Cindy Crawford Wear

Fashion is a family affair! Before Rande Gerber heads out the door, Cindy Crawford and their children Kaia, 19, and Presley, 21, give him a stamp of approval regarding his outfit of the day.

Gerber’s style has been influenced by his family so much that after seeing his wife and daughter team up with Lyndie Benson, founder of sustainable brand Bleusalt, to create their dream pants, he couldn’t resist making a pair of his own.

“We’ve known Lyndie for a long time and knew that the quality was going to be beautiful and comfortable,” Gerber, 58, tells Stylish exclusively. “I was jealous that Cindy and Kaia got to design their own, so I asked Lyndie if I could too and she said, ‘Of course!’”

And it’s a good thing she did! The designer and Gerber made The Casa Pant, a cheeky shoutout to Casamigos, the famous tequila company he cofounded with pal George Clooney — and because they’re made to take you from hanging on the couch to a night out.

The Outfit Rande Gerber Likes See Wife Cindy Crawford Wear

“It’s a nod to Casamigos as well as the house pant you can leave home in,” he says. “I wanted to design a pant that was super comfortable that I didn’t have to change out of when I left the house.”

To come up with the perfect design, Gerber looked to his family for input. “I like to run things by Cindy, Kaia and Presley. … They give me fashion advice, sometimes when I ask and other times when I don’t ask, but it’s always good advice,” he teases.

The outcome: an ultra-soft, polished pant that fits seamlessly with the rest of his wardrobe. “My sense of style is mostly casual and at times elegant, but always casual elegance,” Gerber explains.

“I designed my pant to be a little more fitted, so that they don’t look like your typical baggy sweatpants and added a little more material where necessary so you can go out in them.”

While Gerber says you won’t find him and his supermodel wife coordinating outfits anytime soon, they do love to see each other in complementary looks. “Cindy likes to see me in jeans, a t-shirt and boots and I like the same for her with a leather jacket.”

The Outfit Rande Gerber Likes See Wife Cindy Crawford Wear

The Casa Pant is exclusively available on in black, navy and dark grey for $185.00.