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The Main Character From Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, Has A New Figure Out Now From Square Enix That Comes With An NFT Token

Square Enix has released a new figure of Cloud Strife, the main character from Final Fantasy VII, which also includes an NFT token. Unfortunately, buyers were also immediately informed that they could lose this token in the future and that they would not initially be able to resell it to other people.

Purchasers of the figurine must set up a virtual wallet on the Enjin NFT platform, download the Enjin Wallet software, and activate their NFT digital certificate to receive the additional NFT token.

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A digital replica of the actual figurine is hidden behind the NFT token; however, figures cannot be sold or given to others first. In addition, Square Enix warns that if the NFT Enjin platform disappears at any point, players will be unable to access their tokens.

The most crucial point is that buyers are forewarned that this NFT coin may end up completely meaningless. Previously, Square Enix claimed that the company’s growth could no longer be achieved by producing conventional video games. So instead, the business invests in blockchain, cloud gaming, and NFT.

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The Publishing house thinks that NFT has a lot of promise and that gamers should have access to tools for making money from their gameplay. President Masuda claims that by promoting the idea of “play to earn,” blockchain-based initiatives have the potential for “self-sustaining growth.”

The worst part is that if you’re wondering which of Square Enix’s several series it draws these NFTs from. Square Enix is drawing inspiration for its NFTs from Final Fantasy VII, a relatively obscure indie game about a group of freedom fighters taking down a company that is destroying the planet.

This is perhaps the most outstanding example of “Didn’t read the source material you created,” according to the phrase.