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The Luxury Brand Spied 4 Times on Nicole Kidman’s Character in ‘The Undoing’

The Brand Nicole Kidman's Character Loved in 'The Undoing'

A woman after our own hearts! Nicole Kidman’s character, Grace Fraser, in HBO’s The Undoing has impeccable taste but there’s one design house in particular that stood out amongst the rest: Cartier.

The Upper East Side socialite is seen wearing all kinds of high-end pieces, but there’s no denying that Cartier had a special place in her heart. After all, her wedding ring is the classic yellow gold and diamond Cactus de Cartier Wedding Band.

“[Grace] has such good taste,” the hit show’s costume designer Signe Sejilund told Town & Country. “She looks like a woman who grew up surrounded by music and art, as we know from the show she did. But along with this perfectionism, comes this wild hair. She is a complex character, and we put all these elements into her wardrobe.”

Unlike Lily Rabe’s character Sylvie, there’s more to Grace. “Sylvia is that perfect image of the Upper East Side,” Sejilund explained. “Grace is deeper.”

While Sejilund created most of the standout coats herself, to accompany these bespoke numbers are a couple Cartier bags. This includes the $2,320 C de Cartier Bag in a Hematite Calfskin Suede, Palladium finish.

But along with these incredible accessories, on her nightstand we couldn’t help but notice the stunning Carat eau de Parfum Spray bottle. This beautiful touch gives Us the perfect sensory detail. This fabulous light, floral scent is the perfect compliment to her flawlessly tailored wardrobe.

Kidman’s character isn’t the only one who seems to be a fan of the brand though. Donald Sutherland’s Frank Renner was also spotted in the Cartier gold Trinity Shirt Studs. There’s no way to elevate the look of a simple white button-up than with some pricey gold buttons.

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