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Teddi Mellencamp Found Out She Was Fired On Social Media

When Teddi Mellencamp was fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers understood why. Looking back, John Mellencamp’s daughter realized that she should have called it before it happened.

However, the way she found out was even more disappointing; The Daily Mail reported that she was going to be given the boot that upcoming week for being boring and stale.

Since this isn’t the first time certain publications have tried to manifest her off of the show so fans were hesitant whether they were going to believe the not so shocking article.

Days later, Teddi took to Instagram to confirm the news.

While speaking about the day she learned of the news, she said that friends blew up her phone with the piece.

She went on to reveal that hours later — she got the call.

‘I’m like, ‘You’re telling me that it’s released to the Daily Mail before me?’ It’s like, ‘How did this happen? How did I have no idea?’ Of course my heart broke because I was like, ‘How was I blindsided?’

Her friend, Kyle Richards, couldn’t believe the news either.

Mellencamp claims that she filmed so much more than what was put in the show.

‘I filmed so many amazing things that were never shown on the show, it should have been the writing on the wall. All of the things that made me a likable, redeeming human being weren’t shown. I’m not blaming production or Bravo but I was there to do a certain part and that part I did. But if you don’t see the other part, it’s hard to relate to the person.’

She also talked about Andy Cohen’s thoughts on her goodbye.

‘He said [on his channel] that my post was the most authentic departure post he’d ever seen because I was straight-forward. Every housewife prior said, ‘It was a mutual decision to not go back.’ I’m not going to say that because it’s not true.’

Teddi isn’t opposed to coming back as a friend.