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Taylor Swift’s Celebrity BFFs Through the Years

Bad blood? Eh, not much! Since launching her music career in 2006, Taylor Swift has amassed quite the Rolodex of celebrity friends.

The Grammy winner — who once admitted that “never being popular as a kid was always an insecurity” of hers — aligned herself with the likes of Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss in the early 2010s. In more recent years, however, that exclusive squad has evolved as Swift began to surround herself with a more tight-knit group of ride or dies. Some friends have stayed put, while others have drifted away.

“In my 20s I found myself surrounded by girls who wanted to be my friend,” the “Shake It Off” singer wrote in a May 2019 Elle essay. “So I shouted it from the rooftops, posted pictures and celebrated my newfound acceptance into a sisterhood, without realizing that other people might still feel the way I did when I felt so alone.”

In the same essay, Swift noted the importance of “learning the difference between lifelong friendships” and what she called “situationships.”

“Something about “we’re in our young 20s!” hurls people together into groups that can feel like your chosen family. And maybe they will be for the rest of your life. Or maybe they’ll just be your comrades for an important phase, but not forever,” she continued. “It’s sad but sometimes when you grow, you outgrow relationships. You may leave behind friendships along the way, but you’ll always keep the memories.”

As time passed, the country-pop star started to realize who her true friends were: “the ones who stuck around” through her highs and lows.

“I have friends and fans in my life who don’t care if I’m #canceled,” she wrote. “They were there in the worst times and they’re here now.”

Swift included some of her most trustworthy pals in her 2015 “Bad Blood” music video, including Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham.

“There has always been this quality of sisterhood, and I don’t say that in a basic way,” she said of her friendship with Gomez in a January 2020 interview with WSJ. Magazine. “I knew from when I met her I would always have her back.”

The “Rare” songstress echoed a similar sentiment about the Cats actress, telling the publication, “We both went through s–t at the same time. She taught me a lot about how I should be treated at a young age.”

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