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Tamar Braxton Says Ex-BF David Adefeso Manipulated Her

Tamar Braxton reached out to fans on social media earlier this week, talking about mental health and her faith in God, who gave her a second chance. After her confessions on IG, Tamar Braxton took to Twitter on September 25, with a cryptic message that turned out to be about her ex-boyfriend David Adefeso.

At the beginning of this month, David Adefeso filed a restraining order against Tamar. On September 10, a day after his filing his request, he took to Instagram Live and said that he would never attack Tamar, but that he was a domestic violence victim.

“I’ve been a victim of domestic violence, of domestic assault. I was attacked.”

David claimed that he was attacked by Tamar while he was driving, and this is how he crashed his Rolls Royce. It seems that after two years of being together, this last fight was the last drop.

David explained during his live that he was “attacked with a blow to neck.” Then, he went on to say that Tamar recorded his reaction after the accident so that she would send his reaction to his mother and his friends.

As for Tamar’s latest Tweets, they seem to throw shade at her ex. Her first message was:

“How come you are always to last to see s**t?”

Then, she added another Tweet that led fans believe it was all indeed aimed at David Adefeso. Here’s what she wrote afterwards:

“All I know is these dudes will manipulate you when they do some bulls**t then act like it’s your job to protect them when they s**t all over you.”

We don’t know exactly what David did since his appearance on IG on September 10, but something must have happened to make Tamar diss her ex. Could it be the news about David’s relationship with the woman he cheated on Tamar?