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Tamar Braxton Addresses Plastic Surgery On Her Podcast – Listen To Her Point Of View Here

Tamar Braxton addressed something really interesting these days – plastic surgery. She made sure to point out the fact that people always blast others for choosing surgery. Check out her recent podcast.

‘It’s that’s time of the week for you to subscribe and listen to this weeks episode of #underconstruction🚧 … this discussion is a necessary one because some people think it’s ok to Shame you when a person decides to have plastic surgery. Remember That decision is YOURS and only you can choose to make those choices based on your health and what’s truly in your heart. I’m curious to know your thoughts on this😅…#stayunderconstruction’ Tamar wrote.

Someone said: ‘No lies being told. I actually think I look better now than I did at 18👀👌🏾👌🏾🤣’

Someone else said: ‘Who she talking about tho, is she throwing shade at Tiny her bff.’

A follower said: ‘Thank you, Tamar, I’m celebrating my 60th birthday this weekend, but I’m mad at myself because I don’t look like I did when I was 40. I’m still fine Tho. Thank you for the reality. I can love me for me at 60. Best thing I’ve heard in 2020. ❤️🙏🏻’

One other commenter posted this: ‘All of your episodes has some deep conversation and topic Mama Tamar and I love your entire podcast and this one here very very deep and I love how you always keep it real💯. Keep up the good work 👍🏾👏🏾’

Someone else said: ‘Truth! And we truly are finer anyway. ’30s is that girl and she just keeps girl-ing.’

A follower said: ‘Even though this is true 💕 You look amazing Tamar ❤️❤️🔥’ and an Instagrammer said: ‘People with the means always telling us self love. Love yourself, but I want some work too.’

In other news, as you probably know by now, Tamar Braxton has been through a lot this year, as if the pandemic weren’t enough. She also wanted to commit suicide and she ended her romance with David Adefeso.

But, all in all, she seems to be very powerful and family is giving her strength, especially her son.

Check out the latest video that she shared while she was flaunting her body.

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