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T.I. Posts Throwback Pic Of Him And Meek Mill – Reminisces About Their Long-Lasting Friendship!

T.I. took to his go-to social media platform to share a throwback snap of him and close pal Meek Mill, celebrating their longtime alliance and reminiscing about the old says! Here’s what he had to say!

It seems like TIP was feeling nostalgic! After all, the man has been on the hip hop scene for decades, being one of the most well known names in the industry even today so he has a lot to look back on!

With that being said, it would make sense that, someone with so much longevity in their field, would have a lot of like-minded friends with similar stories – or at least one or two!

In reality, when it comes to T.I., his very strategy involved building long-lasting alliances so his friendship with Meek Mill was all part of the plan!

That being said, earlier today, TIP took to his platform to celebrate his longtime friendship with Meek Mill, with whom he last collabed in 2018, in their hit song, The Dime Trap.

That being said, he posted an older pic of the two of them on his IG account and wrote alongside it: ‘Yeah maaaan we go back THIS far!!! My lil bro @meekmill was with me on #Bankhead in #BowenHomes when s**t was UP‼️ Zone1 been welcomed him in this A-Town shit!!! I’m with him right or wrong… 4LIFE.’

The two do go way back! As you might know, it was actually T.I. himself who signed Meek Mull to Grand Hustle back in 2008.

However, the deal fell through eventually, when the Atlanta rapper encountered some legal issues.

A few years later, during an interview for Billboard, TIP opened up about the situation, saying that ‘After my 2 hiatuses I was put in a position where I could not really make moves on Meek [Mill] as quick as he may have wanted to.’

Still, even though Meek was forced to seek success elsewhere, he and T.I. have remained friends through the years!

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