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Summer Walker Launches Her Own Label – Here Are The Details

Summer Walker managed to impress a lot of her fans and followers when this latest news dropped – it seems that she launched her very own label, and The Shade Room knows all the available details. Check them out below.

TSR notes that the new label is called Ghetto Earth Records and this is a joint venture deal with Interscope Records.

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Summer recently addresses this issue and the venture in this industry. Here’s what she said to Billboard as cited by TSR:

‘I came up with Ghetto Earth because earth is ghetto. I don’t wanna be controlling over my artist’s music. I want them to be fully involved in everything they put out. I’m just here to support and help them get to wherever it is they’re trying to go in life.’

Summer also reportedly has her very first artist which is NO1-NOAH.

‘I feel like being on Summer’s team is the right home for me to be as creative as possible,’ he said among others.

A follower posted this mesage: ‘Her Reasoning Is What Every Artist Literally Wants 😩’ and one other follower said: ‘All this baby mama drama her album about to me 🔥.’

A commenter said: ‘I want to plant my plants in this ghetto earth❗ Hire me Summer I’m ready.’

An Instagrammer said: ‘Y’all can say what y’all want about her but this is dope 😍’ and someone else posted this: ‘Summer is my forever mood!!! Earth is very much Ghetto sis!!🙌🏾’

Someone else said: ‘I love this girl’s music! I just know the artists on this label are going to be so dope!’

A follower posted this mesage: ‘as much as people dont like her .. im here for black women owning labels.’

In other recent news, Summer Walker just revealed her baby bump and her fans and followers are in awe. Check out her photo.

Haters quickly hopped in the comments as well to throw shade.