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Silent Hill 4: The Room Is Back Just In Time For Halloween

It’s October, which for many of us means that the Halloween celebrations have already commenced! To make the month of spooks even spookier, Silent Hill 4: The Room is making a comeback thanks to a digital release on GOG, and it’s a pretty awesome deal for horror fans.

Silent Hill 4: The Room first made its debut back in 2004 and it drastically pivoted the franchise in a different direction, especially regarding the feature where players would suddenly find themselves held prisoner in the in-game apartment. The first-person perspective made this experience incredibly immersive, making the exploration of the apartment daunting and terrifying.

Upon exploring this area, the setup where players uncover a small portal to the world of Silent Hill in the apartment was a nice touch. While the apartment was a swing (and a miss for some) in a new direction, the bulk of the game was pretty inline with what this series is known for: chills and thrills and a whole lot of confusion in the best way possible.

Silent Hill 4 offered the same types of puzzles that these games are known for as players transform into the role of Henry Townshend. In true Silent Hill fashion, Townshend has a hidden secret, and that secret provides twists that takes the bigger picture and makes all of the smaller pieces begin to fit.

Missed out the first time around or just want to experience it again? Silent Hill 4: The Room is available now on for just $9.99. Oh, and it’s DRM-free! That just means that it is free from the Digital Rights Management technology that inhibits accessibility of certain titles, especially regarding paid content.

Have you checked out Silent Hill 4: The Room yet or would this be your first time? Shout out those spooky tales in the comment section below!