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Safaree Impresses Fans With His Weight Loss Journey – See His And Erica Mena’s Fitness Program

Safaree has been working out like crazy this year to get his dream body, and it seems that he definitely succeeded. He managed to look flawlessly just like his wife and these two surprised fans with a fitness program.

Check out what’s this all about below and also make sure to note Safaree’s before and after pics and well.

‘Seeing is believing!! If You wanna get right-click the link in my bio!!!! @getstuntfit WORK OUT PLAN IS HERE‼️‼️‼️‼️ myself @confusedmuscles,’ Safaree captioned his post.

A follower asked: ‘Ain’t that pic from after she gave birth? Kus her tummy has always been flat until she got pregnant,’ and Safaree responded: ‘that was 1-month post Partum and 3 months of the gym.’

Another follower said: ‘Yooo bro, now I see why u feel so proud about yourself. U was looking crazy back then. I think people needed to see this pic, so they know u not capping. This is simply hard work and dedication 🔥💯💪 Always forward. Never stand still.🔥’

Someone else posted this: ‘Why does your wife need a personal trainer when she has you?’ and a commenter said: ‘@freireich83 I know how to work out, but I’m not a trainer.’

A commenter posted this: ‘@safaree well from the looks of it you could definitely get certified to be a personal trainer. Stay blessed, and you have a beautiful family. ❤️’

One other follower said: ‘@safaree u should train 2 be one. I know u have a busy schedule and all,’ and a fan wrote: ‘If Erica really worked out and did not take a short cut, she did a great job.’

Speaking of Erica, she has been telling her fans for a really long time that embracing your natural beauty is the best thing to do.

Even though people bashed her for having all kinds of cosmetic interventions, she was never shy when it came to posting her natural body, with stretchmarks and all.

People have always appreciated her for this.