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Rita Ora Says She ‘Forgot’ About Having Briefly Dated Rob Kardashian!

Rita Ora had almost no recollection of ever dating Rob Kardashian and she had to be reminded about it during a new interview! The two were briefly involved about eight years ago but it was obviously nothing to hold on to as far as the singer is concerned!

During an interview with The Sunday Times, Rita Ora was asked about her brief 2012 relationship with Rob Kardashian and her answer, although short, managed to massively shade the only KarJenner man!

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‘Oh, I forgot about that,’ she simply replied.

She did, however, then go on to mention that ‘It was very short-lived. I was so young. It was fun. It was very, very fun, I guess. That’s all I remember.’

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To be fair, their romance did not last more than two months and it ended pretty badly as well!

As you may or may not remember, Rob took to his platform at the time, to slam his fling and claim that she cheated on him with ’20 dudes!’

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In another tweet that he then quickly deleted, Rob also said: ‘I wonder how many she’ll sleep with now that we apart? How can a woman who’s so busy trying to start her career have time to be with this many dudes all while in a relationship!’

His rant went on and seemed to look more and more like a ‘slut-shaming’ post.

But then, one of his sisters, Khloe, jumped in, trying to get her only brother to ‘be nice kiddddd.’

Then, the following year, Rita shared some details about their fling, saying that ‘I never thought it was actually a real relationship, honesty. I never defined it as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. When we split up I said, ‘It’s because I am never there, I do not know how to do it.’ That is all I said, then … the rest happened. He felt that creating myths was the way forward. … When you’re involved with somebody for a while and they decide to express their feelings to the public, that’s not my way of therapy but I guess everybody takes split ups differently.’