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R. Kelly’s Accuser Faith Rodgers Says He Gave Her Herpes – She Wants Medical Records Revealed In Court

If there is one thing that’s for certain regarding R. Kelly, it’s that he has found himself in serious trouble over the last few months. Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that one of Kelly’s older accusers, Faith Rodgers, has demanded the former R&B performer reveal his medical records.

According to the outlet, Rodgers has accused Kelly of giving her genital herpes when she was just a young girl, and she now wants the crooner to reveal his medical records in front of a court of law.

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As most know, Kelly is up against very serious charges including tampering with evidence, child pornography, sexual misconduct, human trafficking, and more. Ever since the docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, picked up steam, the R&B legend has repeatedly denied all of the claims. However, that didn’t stop the federal and several state governments from pressing charges against him.

Hot New Hip Hop says Faith Rodgers is one of the women who appeared in Surviving R. Kelly, and as the star said in the docu-series, she and Kelly reportedly dated for around one year. Back in 2018, Rodgers claimed Kelly asked her how old she was.

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If she was 16, she could tell her dad, but if she was younger, she couldn’t tell anyone, Rodgers claims Kelly had said to her at the time.

As it was noted above, Rodgers has accused him of giving her herpes, and she hopes that a court will force him to turn over his medical records to prove her allegations. According to HHNW, Rodgers wants all of the information related to his STI status unveiled.

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Her legal team also asked for his hotel bills, phone records, taxes, financial paperwork, as well as his taxes. It’s not clear if Rodgers has a case for getting Kelly to reveal all of these very sensitive documents. Regardless, this isn’t the only problem Kelly has run into over the last few months.

In case you missed it, it was reported by Hot New Hip Hop that Kelly was actually attacked by another inmate while in prison. The inmate was later transferred to a different facility.