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Princess Love Does Not Want To Reconcile With Ray J ‘Right Now’ — Found Out About Divorce Through Social Media!

To no one’s surprise, Princess Love filed for divorce after her husband, Ray J, left her in Vegas to do some heavy partying. It seemed like the couple was back on track when they reconciled until last week when it was announced that Ray J filed to end their marriage.

It would’ve been a great love story if the couple that shares two young children would have been able to work on their marriage. There were no signs of trouble in paradise especially considering they are working together to produce multiple shows on Zeus Network.

Princess revealed that it was also a shock to her when she found out via a text from a friend. She told Claudia Jordan on Fox Soul that after one blog picked it up, multiple outlets followed which is when she decided to call her lawyer who confirmed the news.

As far as if she would ever reconcile with Ray, it’s a no for now.

‘Nobody wins. If we get divorced, we just lose. I don’t know what his motive behind it was, but you don’t just file for divorce just because. You can’t just do it and take it back. I put a lot of thought into it when I did it and when I dismissed it I put a lot of thought into it. I don’t want to get back together with him]. ot right now. I feel like he filed for divorce, he made me spend money on a lawyer, when we could’ve just talked about it and went to counseling or something. Obviously [he doesn’t] want to be married to me.’

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However, the reality star is singing a different song. During an appearance on The Real, Ray J said that he wants his family back.

‘And so…I’m not saying that that’s what I did, or that I made a mistake, but I don’t know if I did make a mistake. I don’t know. I have every right to just not know and still just try to figure it out.’

Do you think they should get back together?