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Porsha Williams’ Recent Message Triggers A Debate Among Fans

Porsha Williams shared a message on her social media account that has fans debating the words she posted. Check out the pic below.

Someone said: ‘Breonna Taylor and Botham Jean both thought they were safe at home,’ and a commenter posted this mesage: ‘No!! Why is it that people that do not trust their own Police which is run mostly by the state and federal government roll over so easy without question to this communistic propaganda? It’s your censorship left News channel with the same script as well as the paper read to you to keep u asleep Lil sheep!’

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A follower said: ‘Only if the home is safe, some people live in abusive or toxic households. 🥺’

Someone else said: ‘When ppl get this concept we all will be better off.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Not true if a virus, once you guess what it’s coming to your house so, are you putting faith in a four-wall building don’t, your face should be in Jesus Christ cuz that’s the reason why you hadn’t got it.’

One fan wrote: ‘I just don’t understand 🤷🏾‍♀️ you have a WHOLE home to chill at but can’t stay there to slow the spread 🤦🏾‍♀️ selfish, inconsiderate HARD HEAD individuals 😪’ and someone else said: ‘Unfortunately, not everyone is safe at home. My heart goes out to children who are stuck home with their abusers this year.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Some people aren’t safe at home, tho. Lots of children aren’t safe.’

A commenter said: ‘With people committing suicide, domestic violence, elderly been alone for months, this is really not the case and frankly criminal. 👎🏻’

A fan said: ‘The celebs are really doing their jobs, influencing people’s decisions. The world has clearly gone bonkers.’

A follower said: ‘Girl, I know that’s right. And a lot of people don’t see it that way smh.’

Other than this, Porsha Williams shared a photo featuring her mother Diane, and her sister, Lauren Williams. Check it out.