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Porsha Williams’ Photo Featuring Dennis McKinley And Baby Girl PJ Will Melt Your Heart

Porsha Williams shared a photo of her and Dennis McKinley‘s baby girl, PIlar Jhena that will melt your heart. She’s with her dad as you will see below.

‘Yay!!!! Fun times with daddy🎃💜’ Porsha captioned the post.

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Someone said: ‘PJ running in her suit tickled me 😂’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The cutest dinosaur ever. Barney better fall back!! 😍’

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One follower said: ‘That lil pitter-patter run….adorable and pretty 🤩😍💖🎉🎁’ and someone else posted this: ‘Omg!! The cutest little sweetie dinosaur I’ve ever seen. ♥️’

A fan wrote: ‘She is so sweet and precious? May these days of love, laughter and fun remind P. J. & P. W. to make happy memories together.’

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A follower said: ‘Her daddy is rich, and her mom is good looking!’ and another commenter posted this message: ‘Please give that child a chance to grow with both parents at home for a safe love environment.’

Not too long ago, Porsha and Dennis both said that they are single.

A commenter said: ‘I love this PJ and daddy, mask and gloves on,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Baby she was running too fast in that last video!!!! Lol, get it P P!!!’

Somoene else said: ‘I think you got a track star! She’s so fast & cute in her costume.❤️’

Porsha Williams made her fans and followers excited when she announced that her advice hotline is open and waiting. Check out her message below.

‘The Porsha4Real Advice Hotline is open and waiting for your questions about love, work, family and everything in between! Call ‪(661) 513-3657 and leave a short voice message with your question that you could use some advice on. I can’t call you all back, but you’ll hear from me, my mom and my sister very soon,’ Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha is really happy with her baby girl, PJ these days.