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Peter Thomas Admits He Felt Blindsided And ‘Hurt’ When Ex-Wife Cynthia Bailey Sued Him For $170K!

As you might have heard, Cynthia Bailey sued her former husband, Peter Thomas for no less than $170K, something that shocked fans! That being said, it turns out that they were not the only ones who felt that way!

Peter Thomas admitted that she was shocked as well as hurt by his ex wife’s gesture.

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That’s right! During a new interview, the man opened up about his legal battle with the RHOA celeb!

Viewers of the Real Housewives of Atlanta were able to see Cynthia and Peter’s relationship go through all its stages – wedding and divorce included, – on the show!

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In between those huge things that happened, the couple shared all of their ups and downs while also sharing a life together so fans were rather invested as well!

With that being said, it makes total sense that the split in 2016, but even more so, the lawsuit, left them all shook!

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The second part was perhaps even more shocking due to the fact that after the divorce, the exes remained pretty friendly!

It wasn’t until Cynthia remarried Mike Hill that she decided to finally sue her ex for the money she’d supposedly loaned his over their years together.

Now, while chatting with Straight from the A, Peter dished that ‘When I found out Cynthia is suing me for $170,000 I’m like ‘Cynthia has my phone number, my number never changed.’ We do not have no dispute I know of for her not to pick up the phone and call me.’

He went on to confess that it was a really painful experience: ‘I was hurt when she did that.’

In the meantime, Peter has agreed to write Cynthia a check for that sum of money within 36 months from ‘the 23rd of February, 2018,’ which, of course, means that the deadline is this February!

Still, Peter was pretty positive in the end, stressing that ‘I don’t have beef with Cynthia, I think we have one of the most amicable divorces in the history of reality TV.’