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Pauly D And Nikki Hall Make Relationship Official And Are Going Strong After Double Shot At Love

Pauly D and Nikki Hall from Double Shot At Love began their relationship on season one of the show. After Pauly decided to leave the house solo and Nikki blasted him on social media for breaking her heart — it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to come back from where they were.

Which was why it was so surprising to see Nikki on season two of the show. Although she agreed to come back for another season, neither of the two expected to be where they are now.

During the Vegas installment, Hall gave Pauly the cold shoulder for quite sometime before they spoke and put their feud to rest.

Once they accepted each other’s apologies, they were right back where they were before cuddling, kissing, and acting like an item.

Nikki realized that she was still in love with this man and was willing to give him another shot. In the meantime, Pauly was clearly smitten by the island beauty but didn’t want to ruin what they have.

On the season finale, they agreed that they would keep in contact but ‘take it slow.’

It’s clear that taking it slowly didn’t work because, during the reunion show, viewers and co-stars found out that the two have been quarantining together. The lovebirds couldn’t hide it.

Hall joined the DJ while they talked about their decision to live together.

‘We gave it a real shot. We’re in a healthy bubble, we’re happy, we’ve been getting along great.’

Pauly explained how he felt while filming.

‘I didn’t even know if she would actually come. hen when she came, she did that 360 [degree] turn when she saw me, and I was like, ‘Alright, so that’s how this is going to go.’ But as the days progressed, as you can see in those clips from the show, we kind of worked through it.’

After the show finished filming — their romance only got better.

‘She would come visit me a lot and it was back and forth. The connection that we had was undeniable, so we were like, ‘Let’s just give this a real shot.’ And that’s what we’re doing now. It’s cool. Now we get to spend real time with each other, getting to know each other on a different level altogether. If you can live with someone, that’s most of the battle right there. Listen, she enjoys cooking and I enjoy eating. It’s a perfect match.’

It’s great to see that the two were able to find love after two rocky starts.