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Paris Hilton Thanks Her Fans As ‘This Is Paris’ Hits 11 Million Views!

Paris Hilton thanked her fans as her new documentary This Is Paris has surpassed 11 million views on YouTube. The shocking documentary introduced the public to the real Paris Hilton for the first time. While many celebrities may use a documentary to “reinvent” themselves, it has been revealed that Paris “invented” her “ditzy blonde” image and her reinvention comes by revealing who she truly is to the public — and who Paris Hilton is will surprise even her harshest critics.

Paris Hilton is flawed. Paris Hilton has scars. Paris Hilton suffers from PTSD from the abuse she endured as a teen. Paris Hilton is a brave voice speaking out against systematic, reformative torture.

Paris hid this part of her life from the public and when she details some of her experiences, you are left completely dismayed. The timing of Paris’ fame and knowing that she had just escaped from hell on earth puts her life into perspective.

It also shows how fame proved to be another abuser as she was vilified in the press due to a sex tape that she had made with her then-boyfriend who released it publicly for profit.

Paris released the following statement on Instagram in thanks of her documentary hitting 11 million views.

11 Million Views! 😍 Thank you all so much for the love & support of my new film #ThisIsParis. 🎥 I’m so proud to use my voice and my platform to raise awareness on what happens in the troubled teen industry. I will do everything in my power to put a stop to this abuse. #breakingcodesilence #iseeyousurvivor (Click link in my bio to watch my new documentary on @YouTube.) ❤️

If you haven’t seen This Is Paris, you may watch it in the video player below.

Many people didn’t know what to expect when Paris announced her documentary and some turned to social media to mock her. Those who have watched This Is Paris from beginning to end are no longer mocking the heiress and socialite.

Paris’ social media accounts are overflowing with praise from those who watched her documentary and were touched. She is garnering support worldwide and many people have stated they found a new respect for her.

Have you seen This Is Paris? What did you think about Paris Hilton’s new documentary?

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