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Owen Wilson Talks About The Current Status Of The Potential Wedding Crashers 2 Movie

Nostalgia seems to be all the rage right now as many of the old projects that did well back in their day are being picked up for either sequels or reboots and so far it seems to be working. The sequel to the 1986 Top Gun is the highest-earning movie this year and fans are incredibly hyped for a 3rd installment to the early 2000s Legally Blonde franchise which is currently in development. In a similar fashion, another classic from the 2000s is Wedding Crashers starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn seems to be ready to hit the big screen once again with a sequel.

The original Wedding Crashers was a huge success, earning $300 million at the box office despite being made on a budget of a mere $40 million. The film starred Owen and Vince as bachelors who crashed weddings for free food and to hook up with attractive women.

To be fair, talks of a sequel for the film have been going on for quite a while, and there was even an idea of a third wedding crasher being introduced into the cast played by Daniel Craig but that idea lost steam somewhere during the lengthy process that goes into creating a movie.

However, it seems that the idea of the film has not lost steam completely, as Owen Wilson has recently confirmed in an interview that the director of the original movie, David Dobkin is still very much mulling over ideas and the development of Wedding Crashers 2 is still very much underway. His exact words while speaking with Extra, were as follows:

“They’re working on some stuff, yes. David Dobkin, the director, I think he’s sort of, kind of exploring some ideas. And it was kind of, one of those movies that we had such a great time doing it, and then obviously it got a really nice response. So, just hoping if you do do something, that it can live up to the first one.”

Owen makes a perfectly reasonable point because along with nostalgia, remaking old films or giving them a sequel also comes with the pressure of living up to the legacy. Hopefully, whenever Wedding Crashers 2 is released, it does just that.