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New Study Shows That ICAM May Be The World’s Answer To COVID-19—But What About The Vaccine?

I am not sure how others may feel on the subject, but for me the scariest thing about COVID-19 isn’t necessarily its infection rate, but instead, here we are six months into the pandemic and still do not have a means of combating the virus. Although this newest illness does have its roots in the coronavirus family, such as the flu, to compare the two is a big misjudgment at best. Without the proper cautions and care, the flu can more often than not be a deadly virus as well—however, we have learned how to battle the virus from our home and not be in a panic.

COVID-19, however, is not anywhere near the stage of being treated at home, such as the flu is. Scientists are still working feverishly in an attempt to define treatment protocols that can be used both inside and outside of hospitals. Many need to realize that a vaccine will not put a stop to the pandemic, as with most viruses, it will continue to spread throughout communities. However, recent news indicates that although we are far from curing COVID-19, there may be a viable working treatment.

Doctors the world over have been studying all means of therapies in an effort to manage and reduce those complications presented by COVID-19. As a result, a scientific team out of Florida in the US believes that they have hit upon the optimal protocol. And they state that so far, the treatment has had a near-perfect rate of success. Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams, Director of Pharmacy at AdventHealth Ocala, stated: The ICAM protocol has the potential to trigger the re-opening of the country. We will know the next step after our outpatient study.

Although scientists have yet to test the drug combination within a clinical trial environment, it is not known as of yet how safe or effective the treatment may prove to be. In that same vein, having been used since April, the ICAM therapy has shown a survival rate of 96.4% in those patients to which it was administered. ICAM is not a new drug but is, in fact, an acronym for several medications used in conjunction with one another. The medications include Immunosupport drugs, such as Vitamin C and Zinc, Corticosteroids to fight inflammation, Anticoagulants which prevent blood clots, and Macrolides, which are used in the fight against infections.

Clinical trials are planned, with the consent of 100 adults who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Could ICAM be the answer to the battle against COVID-19?