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New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer Shows Off Impressive New Exotics

Only one more month to go before Guardians can dive right into Destiny 2: Beyond Light, but while we wait Bungie has shared a new trailer detailing some impressive new exotics on the way.

The latest trailer, seen below, cycles through the new gear that players can look forward to, but what was most impressive was the new exotics shown. A big focus of feedback since launch is that ‘new’ gear coming into the Destiny sequel was recycled. Out of everything shown regarding this top-tier loot, most of it was new, though there is one returning drop and a nifty new redesign.

Here are exotics shown off in the trailer above, starting with one that is coming back:


    No Time to Explain

      An upgraded version of The Stranger’s Rifle Pulse Rifle

    Salvation Grip

      Fired shots create Stasis crystals to immobilize enemies Grenade Launcher


      Precision final blows will generate lightning at a targeted area Sniper Rifle

    The Lament

      Use this weapon to block and power it up in order to completely shred through enemy shielding Sword


    Icefall Mantel

      Titan gloves reinforces armor with an Overshield, replacing Barricade

    Precious Scars

      Titan helmet that gives Titan an Oversheild aura that protects them and allies upon revival

    Mask of Bakris

      Hunter helmet that replaces Dodge with a long range Shift with a temporary cloaking Is not the same as Blink

    Arthyrys’s Embrace

      Hunter gloves that gives the weighted knife a second ricochet alongside rapid precision

    Dawn Chorus

      Warlock helmet that allows for more damage with Daybreak and causes enemies to burn

    Necrotic Grip

      Warlock gloves that increases melee damage over time

New weapons, armor, and accessories will be dropping when Destiny 2: Beyond light launches on November 10. You can learn more about the upcoming expansion with our previous coverage here.

Thoughts on the newest weapon and gear additions? Shout ’em out loud and proud in the comment section below!