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NeNe Leakes Is Turning Her Pain Into Pleasure – See Her Photo

NeNe Leakes has been really down lately following her departure from RHOA. Lots of fans said that they would stop watching the show if she’s not featured in it anymore.

NeNe explained that Bravo TV is not treating her fairly, and she refused their offer.

She has been telling her fans and followers that she is in pain, and she was even crying on social media while explaining fans what happened.

Now, it seems that a friend of hers took her out to try and cheer her up. See the pic below.

NeNe said: ‘When your girlfriend hit you up and say, “Let Me Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure” THEN you find out she was talking bout drankinnnnnnn🍸🍸🍸#weononetonight @terragreenfield.’

A follower did not agree with NeNe and said this: ‘Pain? You’re still “rich” and can find little industry gigs to keep money flowing. Their people out here who’s really hurting due to unemployment and this pandemic. Smh, We watched you disrespect your employer many times on TV, and now you want pity party cause they gave you the boot?’

A person posted this: ‘Well what you thought she was talking about 🧐’ and someone else said: ‘I ain’t watching Bravo until you come back🥂.’

One other follower said: ‘Sorry I have nothing to be insecure about. Maybe she does that’s why she did all that plastic surgery. I like my looks, and as I age, I get better peace and love.’

A fan posted: ‘Enjoy yourself, Nene. Pay the cokehead and her dealer dust…. You will be just fine,’ and someone else said: ‘Nene having her own talk show would be 🔥who we need to get at for the culture.’

One commenter said: ‘Nene we love you!!!!!! all of the jealous haters can’t take away your awesomeness!’ and someone else wrote: ‘Your honey bun’s gonna miss you on housewives of Atlanta my luv I’m still gonna give you plenty of peaches hey hey hey hey hey 🔥.’

What do you think about NeNe these days?