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Microsoft Is Giving Away An Actual Xbox Series X Fridge To Outmeme The Memes

Microsoft said “challenge accepted” when it came to the Xbox Series X memes and how it looks like a fridge. While Microsoft has poked fun at the memes in the past on the company’s TikTok, it is taking that to a whole new level with an actual console replica fridge.

Don’t let those dreams be dreams, kids, because an Xbox Series X fridge could be yours and all it takes is a simple retweet. The Xbox Twitter account posted the rules on how to enter earlier today (October 28) with how to try to snag one of these for yourself:

We saw our first glimpse at the Xbox fridge when Snoop Dogg himself shared a social media post of one in his possession, and it looks like it’s not just for entertainers; it’s for everyone.

To enter is simple:

Follow the Xbox Twitter account Retween the tweet above with the #XSXFridgeSweeps tag in the caption

That’s it, that’s the giveaway. The Xbox Series X fridge giveaway is live now and will run until November 4. Game, eat, drink, and be merry with a weirdly perfect friend to make those meme fantasies a reality. Or just bragging rights for having something that is oddly specific and honestly? Kind of iconic.

As for the next generation of Xbox, the Series X and S arrive on November 10 with the PlayStation 5 launching soon after on the 12th. Are you excited to try your hand at winning one of these Big Bois? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!