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Meghan Markle Buys Prince Harry Surfing Lessons For His 36th Birthday

Page Six says Prince Harry has started surfing. On the 18th of September, which marked Prince Harry‘s birthday, Meghan Markle reportedly bought the former British royal surfing lessons and sources have claimed the Prince is “loving it.”

The outlet claims Harry was seen biking down to Malibu’s Surfrider Beach to investigate the area while they were living in Los Angeles. Now, Meghan and Harry are living in a $14.7 million home in Montecito, Santa Barbara, and sources state Harry is loving the sunshine.

Harry really loves the weather and the vibe of Montecito, more importantly, Harry has also been enjoying the lessons Meghan bought for him which he definitely plans on taking more seriously in the coming weeks. During a chat with the Evening Standard on Thursday, the couple showed what they have been up to with their child, Archie.

Markle said to reporters from the outlet that they were “doing well,” and Archie is doing great too. The star said their child keeps them on their toes and they’re always alert to make sure he’s ok and growing up to meet his potential.

In recent news, Markle was in the headlines when she spoke out on institutionalized racism in the United Kingdom. The star claimed that young black people were going to be subjected to injustice as long as “structural racism” exists.

Harry, for instance, said he realized what kind of disadvantages people of color have when he first started dating Meghan. Harry claimed he thought he knew about it, but he didn’t. The star went on to give the example of going into a shop and only seeing a “white doll” instead of a “black doll.”

According to the British aristocrat, it was an eye-opening experience for him to realize the different ways in which the world is catered toward people with lighter skin. Moreover, Harry says white people often don’t think about this and it’s hard for them to empathize.

Harry went on to say that it was about “learning” rather than pointing fingers and placing blame on one group or another.