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Mark Wahlberg And His Crew Reportedly Spent $400,000 At A Luxury Get-Away Amid The Coronavirus Quarantine

In addition to shuttering many businesses around the world, the coronavirus pandemic also impacted the entertainment industry hard, with many productions shutting down and going on hiatus until the government lifts restrictions.

Moreover, those who have contracted the virus or who have been close to someone who had it, must quarantine and self-isolate for at least 14 days to avoid spreading it around to other people.

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Page Six said this week that while Mark has been affected like a lot of other people, the way he quarantines is certainly a lot different from other members of society.

According to the outlet, Mark and his crew got permission from the Australian government to travel to a retreat outside of Byron Bay. It cost him a whopping $400,000, The Daily Mail reported.

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According to The Mail, Mark – who paid $2,500 a night for the expensive stay – also received two police officers and a security team to ensure he and his team are safe and sound at all times. Moreover, it was done to make sure they quarantine according to the government’s orders as well.

Reportedly, Mark also insisted that he bring his gym equipment from the United States into the nation. As a side note, Page Six says Bryon Bay has become a hot spot for celebrities and other celebrities, including for people like Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Olivia Newton-John, and Zac Efron, who all live there, or at least own properties in the area.

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Obviously, celebrities and the upper-class who have access to extreme wealth aren’t impacted as heavily as others when it comes to quarantine restrictions. This fact has irked many people on social media, case-in-point, Kim Kardashian, and her private island controversy earlier in the year.

As it was previously reported, Kim K and her family rented out a private island to – in Kim’s own words – “pretend the pandemic never happened” for a little while.

While Kim certainly meant no harm and is only doing what her wealth allows her to, social media users accused her of being insensitive and inappropriately flaunting her money at the worst time.